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Long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, lovely gothy lady Arnela wrote a guest post on my blog, and she was kind enough to write another one this time. You can read her previous post here, and I hope you'll enjoy reading this one, too. 

Hello everyone! 

Today I will be doing a guest post for the lovely Teky! I will be reviewing my favorite MAC lipsticks! I currently own over 30 of them and it was hard to pick a few favorites. I settled down for my top 6! My pup Boycie will be assisting me in this arduous task since God knows he´s chewed on enough of them ☺.

My top 6 MAC lippies are:  (top to bottom)

-Candy Yum Yum, Russian Red, Diva, Smoked Purple, Rebel, Heroine!

Candy Yum Yum - is a matte lippie with a blue undertone. Even though it is considered a “summer color”, I wear it all year-round! The formula is surprisingly non-drying for a matte lipstick. However, I always prep my lips before using any of the MAC matte or retro matte lipsticks! I exfoliate with Lush Bubblegum lip-peeling and apply MAC´s Prep and Prime for the lips. This combination is yet to let me down! I usually pair the bold lip look with a simple cat-eye or apply a heavy smoky-eye look!

Russian Red - Do I have to say anything about this lipstick? It is the most stunning red color ever! I have over 20 red lipsticks in my collection and this is hands-down my favorite of all time! It is a matte formula and really drying but as I said, prep your lips!

Diva -  A lovely vampire burgundy red! If you are going for the glam vamp look, Diva is your best friend! Another matte lipstick, no surprise here as this is my favorite formula. Diva is the longest lasting of the lot, I really have no care in the world once I put it on. It lasts and lasts… even after meals and drinks.  Because of this it is also the most drying out of this group.

Smoked Purple - This lipstick is actually from the Professional line and I had to get it online because my local MAC stockist  didn´t have it! It is really hard to get in Europe, but where there is a will… ☺It is a matte formula and applies wonderfully! It is not patchy or drying, I find it to be really creamy. None of these lipsticks bleed or crease, but I usually apply a lipliner with them.

Rebel - Rebel is the only satin lipstick in this group but rightly deserves it´s place. This is a lovely magentic-plum color and looks flattering on every skin tone!  On some lips it is more of a berry-red color, I find this especially so in photos! In real life, it is more of a magenta, at least on my lips! All these are part of the permanent range, so you can get them anytime!

Last but no least … HEROINE! The undisputable Queen of MAC lipsticks! This color is so incredibly popular that is was made part of the permanent range last year (I think).  Prior to being made permanent,  it was available from time to time in MAC´s limited editions. This lovely violet matte lipstick is a perfect combination of femininity and well..heroism!  And which lady wouldn´t want to be a Heroine, right? ;) This color applies so smooth and creamy,  it a s bit different from the other mattes! It last incredibly well, even after meals and drinks. On a night out, I hardly ever have to touch my lips up.

I hope you enjoyed my TOP 6 list, I would really go on forever since these lipsticks can do no wrong ☺ I would highly recommend these as well for those who are interested in MAC lipsticks: Flat Out Fabulous, Silly, Ruby Woo, Lady Danger, Cyber, Velvet Teddy, Pink Nouveau, Snob, Violetta, Saint Germain, Sin, Film Noir.

Thank you Teky for inviting me to do the guest post!

Thank you, Arnela, for writing it ☺ Arnela is an alternative model from Bihać, but currently lives and studies in Austria. She is an Ph.D student in English literature. She recently made a modeling facebook page so please show your support - visit her page and click 'like'. ☺

 xx Stay Tuned xx

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  1. I love your top mac lipsticks! I have diva, rebel and heroine and I love them all so much!! I find heroine hard to wear though on a daily basis. Diva and Rebel are the best though, definitely two of my all time favourites, especially for autumn/winter! Love the post, the photos look really good and your dog is sooooo cute!! xxxx

    1. Thank you :) I will sometimes wear Heroine during the day, I love it so much :D

  2. Prekrasne fotke! nemam još niti jedan MAC ruž, ali nadam se da ću ih uskoro kupiti jer imam svoju listu favorita

    1. Hvala :) Neces se pokajati, vrijede svaki cent!

  3. Evo. Ne. Mogu. Više. Živjeti. Bez. Rebela.

  4. zavidna kolekcija , bas dobre boje..moje se sve vrte oko nude nijanse ..
    poljubac za psica !

    1. Hvala :) Od nude nijansi najvise volim Velvet Teddy :D

  5. Russian Red od navedenih je definitivno The One, sa crvenim nema greške :D

  6. oh my god, is this girl real :OO she is too beautiful


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