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Greetings mortals! ☺

*English only*

Here I am with yet another manicure. The assignment for this week was a stripy manicure. I like stripes, but every time I try to do some manicure with stripes I end up losing my nerves. -.-

Anyway, I decided to go with this look, I'm not super satisfied, but what can I do....I'm too lazy at the moment to make another one.

The reason I don't really like doing stripy manicure is that most of the time the stripes get smeared. Luckily, it didn't happen this time. I also decided to go with matte version.

Products I used:

  • Eveline 8in1 as a base coat
  • R.H. Victoria on all nails
  • White acrylic on middle and ring finger
  • Ebay striping tape (link) on middle and ring finger
  • Flormar Matte M08 as a "bloody" detail
  • Miss Sporty Matte top coat

*note to self - get a better acrylic paint* *another note to self - don't use it on the whole nail*

It could have been done better but I guess it's ok. It turned out close to the idea I imagined.

Anyway, since I've written many posts in Croatian only, I decided to write this one in English ☺.

Do you like my manicure? Do you like stripy manicure in general? How about matte polishes?

xx Stay tuned xx

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Broj komentara: 20:

  1. da, prava bubimir manikura, odlična je

  2. Now we're talking amazing awesomeness. I uz to bloody. wohoooo! Predivno, predivno i ova mi je najlipša prugasta urađena za mms. <3 Matte nokti me pucaju u zadnje vrime, čak san uzela mat nadlak. Minjan se, rastem ko osoba hahaha ;D

  3. Tina - hvala ti :D Bubimir u <3
    Glee - ajme još ću se zacrvenit :3 Matte nokti su super, ja sa crazy matte lady hahahah

  4. Uvijek imaš super manikure. :D You go girl! :D

  5. Lijepo si uradila i sviđa mi se kombinacija boja :D

  6. bloddy dobre prugice ! bas je lepo !ide uz tvoju sliku na profilu ;)

  7. fora izgleda :D fora ideja :D

  8. slažem se s Vedranom, crno-bijele pruge viču bubimir, bubimir, bubimir <3
    a zašto se nisi ubacila u link :(

  9. hvala cure

    Žana - smoto zaboravila, :/ sad ću


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