Hell Bunny Black Angeline Coat review

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*Guest Post* 
*English only*

Lovely lady named Arnela was kind enough to write a guest post for my little blog, and I'd like to present you her review of Hell Bunny Black Angeline Coat. I hope you enjoy reading it :)

Hell Bunny Black Angeline Coat

In this post I will be reviewing a wonderful winter coat by the English brand Hell Bunny.


Hell bunny is a pioneer in Vintage, Retro, Gothic and Military style clothing. Their collections can be found on their Facebook page:


Their clothing is sold in almost every alternative web-shop. Some of the websites that sell their stuff are:

For all the Balkan-based buyers; check out the Victoria Poison shop from Belgrade:

http://www.victoria-poison.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/BelgradeGothicShop?pnref=lhc



This particular style is called ´Angeline´ and in comes in 3 different colors: black, burgundy and teal. The teal version was introduced in the latest winter collection.

The coat is available up to UK size 22 and is true to size. I usually wear EU 36 and the S fits me perfectly. This coat is made of wool-like fabric and is very soft and warm. It features a faux-fur (fake fur) high collar which is adorned by a cute little bow and closes with a simple hook. The collar also has a crocheted lace detail. An additional button is found inside of the collar for more structure.


The Angeline coat is doubled-breasted and closes with 4 large ornamented buttons. Additional buttons come with the coat in case you lose some; however, they are very sturdy and well sewn, so no worries there ☺

The buttons form a row on the left side of the coat, unlike typical center closure.

The cuffs are additionally ornamented with faux-fux and the coat features 2 large pockets. It is rather shape-hugging and flares from the waist.

At the back of the coat there is a strap adorned with 2 buttons. It has a polyester lining.


For all the pet owners out there, pet hairs don´t stick onto the coat ☺

The price is around 100 UK pounds plus shipping. Personally, you will get a great coat that will last for several winters. Not only is the style lovely, but it keeps you warm and not even the ice cold European weather stands a chance. Take it from me, it has been tested! ☺
It is so soft and warm, I would describe the feeling as if you were out wrapped in a blanket ☺

Arnela wearin Angeline coat.

*Disclaimer: The coat has been bought by me. I did not receive anything for my opinion. It is 100% objective and believe me, I am very demanding ☺*

Have you ever bought any Hell Bunny clothing item? What are your opinions?

xx Stay Tuned xx

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