BH Cosmetics Crystal Quartz brush set

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Živa sam i jedva sam dočekala ovaj zimski raspust. Nadam se da ću se sada malo više aktivirati na blogu - da se ne ureknem. Moram priznati da mi nedostaje pisanje na blogu, dosta je "blebetanja" užiovo o šminci, treba nešto i napisati 😀 Danas ipak nije riječ striktno o šminci već o alatu, a svi znamo da bez dobrog alata nema ni dobre šminke, je l' tako?

Kat Von D - Alchemist palette

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Prošlo je čak mjesec dana od zadnjeg posta. Mjesec dana! Vjerujte mi, u ovih mjesec dana sam jedva imala vremena da ručam kao čovjek, a one mrvice slobodnog vremena sam koristila za mnogo potreban odmor. Toliko o tome da blogeri ne rade ništa već samo kradu bogu dane i tipkaju o besplatnoj šminci...

No, na stranu negativu - iako sam se morala malo požaliti, danas je došao red na recenziju još jednog proizvoda (a znamo da ih ima mnogo) koji je dugo čekao na to. Riječ je o neobičnoj, ekstravagantnoj, upečatljivoj te pomalo teško dostupnoj (bar na području BiH) - Kat Von D Alchemist paleti highlightera.

Born pretty nail art bundle #6

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Ne moram ponavljati koliko volim ukrase za nokte i neobične manikure, a ni koliko volim iste sa Born Pretty stranice. Ovaj put sam odlučila naručiti samo par stvarčica, jer mi ladica sa lakovima za nokte samo što ne pukne.

5 Simple Yet Stunning Halloween Tips

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At Rosegal, we have pride ourselves on our ability to assist our clients in the creation of unique Halloween costumes. As a result, we have assembled a few ideas that could just be your look for this year’s Halloween extravaganza. Use Coupon “RGGOO” Enjoy 20% OFF Discount. 

Black Spider Costumes 

For those who enjoy the arachnid family, our spider-themed costumes will have you spun in a web. We offer a range of costumes that are easily combined into a cohesive outfit that is guaranteed to scare your friends and family. One such exciting outfit is our spider costume that has webs under the arms, a unique touch that will help you stand out from the crowd.

One could easily combine this with a variety of accessories, as each spider-themed adornment adds to the magic of the occasion. Moreover, with our coupons and Halloween deals, there is no excuse not to unleash your inner arachnid this October.
Available online for regular:

and plus sized:

Family bat

Halloween is a time where families are able to bond over a sweet treat and a scary story. What better way to enjoy this holiday with your child than a matching bat costume. Instead of being that boring parent that always sits on the sidelines, try our matching costume for a new and exciting flavor this Halloween.

This costume comes standard with a set of spectacular wings, two cute bat-like outfits for the kids and something for her. Become one with the night, as the black accents dominate, giving that authentic vampire feel.

Witch play

The staples of Halloween will always be candy and witches, which is why we are proud to offer a witch costume that exudes authenticity. It's almost as if you came straight from the cauldron. With a blue theme and yellow accents, this dress is perfect for those seeking a bit fun this Halloween.

It comes in plus and regular sizes:

Grave Bound Wanderer

Gore, blood and guts are not everyone's thing, but for Halloween , you definitely get two thumbs up for any costume that contains any one of these elements. Therefore, we have created a variety of clothes that make it seem as if you're but a knee bump away from death.

Find these at:

Halloween-Element Costumes

For those seeking something a little less scary, we are here to provide outfits that keep you in the Halloween spirit whilst still allowing you to dress to your liking. Newt time when you're looking for that sexy dress that accentuates your figure, the one that comes in both regular and plus-sizes, think Rosegal- your destination for all Halloween related attire.

Try these gorgeous evening gowns:

Halloween  is undoubtedly one of the best times of the year, and with the help of the right costume, it can be even more exciting. Whether you're looking for formal dresses, plus size costume or simply just an unique Halloween costume, Rosegal has you covered.

Save Big With Rosegal This Halloween

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Since childhood, Halloween has always held a very dear place in all of our hearts. It captivates with a sense of romance and excitement. New relationships are formed and memories that last a lifetime are created. With Halloween knocking on the door, it is important to try and stay ahead of the trends with a fashion sense that showcases your inner ‘Boo!’. Perhaps more importantly, it is finally time to have a fun-filled Halloween that doesn’t break the budget. So, to ensure that this Halloween is special, Rosegal has introduced scary ways for you to save on outfits this Halloween.Enjoy 20% OFF With Coupon: RGGOOand Shopping Now!

Coupon Madness with Rosegal

To help you and your wallet this Halloween, Rosegal has created the most exciting coupon system yet. Simply use the code HALLOWEEN12 and receive:

  • · $3 off purchases $29 and more
  • · $7 off purchases $59 and more
  • · $12 off purchases $89 and more

This special is limited to the first 500 customers of the day, so avoid disappointment by being first in line to receive these scary discounts. Rosegal  takes the cost out of Halloween so that you can simply focus on the fun.

An Extensive Range

Rosegal is proud to present a variety-filled range that boasts all kinds of costumes to suit the needs of any type of client. From vintage 1920-themed dresses and blouses to more contemporary Halloween costumes, we cater to all who seek a costume that brings out that inner child.
Moreover, we also have provision for a plus-size Halloween, as we offer plus-size Halloween costumes in the form of dresses, blouses, cocktail dresses, and more. Thus, we ensure that Halloween is fun for all of our clients.

Lightning-Fast Delivery

Rosegalhas recently upgraded its logistics system, making our delivery serviceone that is based on your convenience. We deliver to your home within a week, leaving you without all the hassle of leaving your front door.

What to Expect

With Rosegal, we offer an exciting range of Halloween-based products that are ready to help you take that party or gathering by storm. Aided by our extreme coupon adventure, we have ensured that our clients are best positioned to save this Halloween.
In both our mens and womens ranges, we offer supreme quality whilst maintaining a price range that is competitive in every aspect. With our coupon system, we have created the means for our clients to enjoy even more budget-friendly ideas, as we take your exciting ideas and turn them into reality. For those who have missed the specials, we also offer an encore period which gives you free gifts to choose from provided your purchase exceeds $79.

Remember: coupons are limited to the first 500 customers every day. To avoid disappointment, visit to start your Halloween the right way. With our friendly staff who delight to serve our clients and prices which are in place to provide a suitably fun Halloween for everyone, Rosegal is the name that is fast becoming synonymous with the pinnacle of Halloween fun and adventure. Whether you’re looking for a plus-sized women’s costume or a unique men’s hoodie to dazzle your friends, is the destination for you.

Wet n Wild - Megaglo Contouring Palette - Dulce De Leche

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Danas je došao red na još jedan proizvod iz kolekcije "Strpljivo čekam svoj red u ladici" i čije slike čame u laptopu dugo vremena. Odlučila sam da do kraja ove godine pročistim barem pola tog foldera u laptopu jer se tamo nakupilo dosta fotografija proizvoda koje gotovo svakodnevno koristim, no ne pišem toliko o njoma. Takav jedan je ova Wet n wild paleta za konturiranje.

The Body Shop - shade adjusting drops

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Imate li svijetlu put? Pitaju li vas ljudi jeste li bolesni kada vas vide? Imate li problema pronaći odgovarajuću nijansu pudera u drogerijama? Je li vam i najsvjetlija nijansa pudera tamna?
Ako su odgovori na ova pitanja "da" - nastavite čitati, jer danas je na redu jedan proizvod koji je dušu dao za takve situacije.

Eve Duet eau de parfum

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Često me pitaju koji mi je najdraži parfem. Iskreno, još nisam pronašla svoj signature parfem, jer ih volim mijenjati prema raspoloženju, no uvijek me vuku teži, "začinjeniji", topliji parfemi. Danas sam odlučila pisati o parfemu koji je odličan za nas neodlučne i tu uskače Avon - Eve Duet.

People often ask me what perfume is my favorite. Honestly, I haven't found my signature perfume yet, because I like to change them according to mood, but I'm always drawn to "heavier", spicier, warmer perfumes. Today I decided to write about a perfume which is great for us indecisive people and here's where the Avon - Eve Duet jumps in.